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Figure 1 | Cerebellum & Ataxias

Figure 1

From: Functional contributions of glutamate transporters at the parallel fibre to Purkinje neuron synapse–relevance for the progression of cerebellar ataxia

Figure 1

Location of all the major transporters and receptors at a PF-PN synapse. (A)(i) A biocytin filled Purkinje neuron post-hoc stained with streptavidin Alexa 488. (ii) A representative image of a Parallel fibre Purkinje neurons synapse showing the approximate locations of the major transporters and receptors targeted in this study. Parallel fibre synapses are located on the outer dendrites of Purkinje neurons, highlighted by the white box in (Ai). (B) An example trace showing our stimulation and recording protocol. We used a 5 mV step to calculate series and input resistance, followed by application of a pair of closely spaced stimuli to the parallel fibres and a high frequency burst stimulation (10 stimuli at 200 Hz), a protocol we repeated every 30 seconds.

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