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Table 1 Symptom-lesion mapping of the vestibulo-cerebellar syndrome

From: Schmahmann’s syndrome - identification of the third cornerstone of clinical ataxiology

Area involved Symptom
Oculomotor vermis Hypometric saccades
Impaired smooth pursuit
Fastigial nucleus Square waves
Hypermetric saccades
Impaired smooth pursuit
Saccadic oscillations
Nodulus/uvula Nystagmus (DBN1, PAN2)
Skew deviation
Flocculus/paraflocculus Nystagmus (DBN1, GEN3)
Impaired smooth pursuit
Impaired VOR4
  1. Abbreviations: 1 DBN down-beat nystagmus, 2 PAN periodic alternating nystagmus, 3 GEN gaze-evoked nystagmus, 4 VOR vestibulo-ocular response.