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Table 2 Clinical data of the affected family members

From: Benign hereditary chorea, not only chorea: a family case presentation

  SARA score Hyperkinetic movementsa Thyroidea Lungs MMS IQ Verbal IQ (percentile) Performance IQ (percentile)
II:4 12.5 Dystonia Normal values, treated earlier Asthma NA NA   
II:7 10.5 Dystonia, mild ataxia Hypothyreoses, treated Asthma NA NA   
III:6 6 Myoclonus, mild ataxia Compensated valuesb Asthma 30/30 99 41th 59th
III:7 7 Dystonia Compensated valuesb Frequent infections NA NA   
III:8 5 Dystonia, stuttering, tics, Normal values No lung problems NA NA   
IV:1 5.5   Normal values Asthma 0/30 90 14th 95th
IV:2 5   Normal values Asthma 30/30 81 NA NA
IV:3 7   Compensated valuesb Asthma 30/30 86 30th 68th
  1. aIn addition to chorea
  2. bNormal fT4, but elevated TSH