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Table 1 Clinical characteristics and ambulatory functions of the patients

From: Acetyl-DL-leucine improves gait variability in patients with cerebellar ataxia—a case series

Demographic characteristics
 N 18 (9 women)
 mean age (years) 58.83 ± 12.0
 height (m) 1.73 ± 0.07
 weight (kg) 72.6 ± 6.1
 duration of symptoms (months) 72.0 ± 29.3
 median SARA score [range] 12 [8; 20]
Etiology of ataxia
 sporadic 10x SAOA, 2x MSA-C
 hereditary 2x ADA, 1 x CACNA-1A mutation, 2x SCA 2, 1x SCA 1
Walking performance
 median FGA score [range] 19 [6; 30]
Ambulatory status
 independent 12
 Intermediate use of aides 4
 prevalent use of aides 2
  1. Legend: Abbreviations: FGA Functional Gait Assessment [7], SARA Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia [6], SAOA Sporadic Adult Onset Cerebellar Atrophy, ADA Autosomal Dominant Ataxia, CACNA-1A Calcium Channel. voltage-dependent Alpha 1A subunit (P/Q type), SCA Spino Cerebellar Ataxia MSA-C multiple system atrophy with cerebellar features