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Table 4 Stepwise multiple linear regression analyses of factors significantly associated with the ICARS score

From: MRI-based cerebellar volume measurements correlate with the International Cooperative Ataxia Rating Scale score in patients with spinocerebellar degeneration or multiple system atrophy

Predictive factors for the ICARS score B SD p value
Total score
 Cerebellar volume/cranial AP diameter −60.284 16.366 0.000
 Midbrain AP/cranial AP diameter −315.395 132.638 0.020
Domain I sub-score
 Cerebellar volume/cranial AP diameter −32.001 7.367 0.000
 Midbrain AP/cranial AP diameter −200.440 59.702 0.001
Domain II sub-score
 Cerebellar volume/cranial AP diameter −28.327 9.480 0.004
Domain III sub-score
 Midbrain AP/cranial AP diameter −31.384 13.837 0.026
Domain IV sub-score
 No factor was selected    
  1. Stepwise multiple linear regression analyses were performed separately for the total score and each sub-score in the four domains. Age, sex, midbrain AP/cranial AP diameter, pons AP/cranial AP diameter, pons transverse/cranial AP diameter, cerebellar height/cranial AP diameter, and cerebellar volume/cranial AP diameter were used as dependent variables
  2. AP anteroposterior, SD standard deviation