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Table 1 Major studies on the association between the anatomical lesions of the cerebellum and dystonia

From: Cerebellum: An explanation for dystonia?

[ref n°] Study Type of study Major findings: type of dystonia/lesion
[33] Boisen,1979 Case series CD/infra-tentorial tumors
[49] Rumbach et al.,1995 Case report Hemidystonia/extracranial vertebral artery dissection and cerebellar infarction
[35] Caress e al.,1996 Case report CD/cerebellar gangliocytoma
[50] Ghika-Schmid et al.,1997 Case series Focal and segmental dystonia involving the upper limbs/cerebellar strokes
[36]Krauss et al., 1997 Case series CD/posterior fossa tumors
[51] Alarcon et al., 2001 Case report upper limb dystonia/tuberculoma in the ipsilateral cerebellar hemisphere
[34] LeDoux and Brady 2003 Case series CD/lesions of the cerebellum and of its primary afferent pathways
[37] Kumandaş et al., 2006 Case series CD/spinal or posterior fossa tumors
[44] LeBer et al., 2006 Case series Focal, multifocal and generalized dystonia/cerebellar atrophy
[38] O’Rourke et al., 2006 Case report Paroxysmal CD and BPS/bilateral cerebellar infarction
[39] Zadro et al., 2008 Case report CD/cerebellar stroke
[46] Alcalay et al., 2009 Case report OMD/cholestanol deposition in the in the dentate nuclei (cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis)
[47] Waln and LeDoux 2010 Case report OMD/hemorrhage of the vermal and paravermal regions of the cerebellum
[40] Usmani et al. 2011 Case report CD/haemorrhage of the cerebellar vermis
[52] Baik et al., 2012 Case report upper limb dystonia/isolated cerebellar hemiatrophy
[41] Kojovic et al., 2012 Case report CD/cystic lesion in the right cerebellar hemisphere
[45] Khooshnoodi et al. 2013 Case series BPS/ischemic stroke in the cerebellar hemisphere and in the inferior cerebellar peduncle, cystic lesion in the dentate nucleus
[42] Fąfara-Leś et al., 2014 Case series CD/posterior fossa tumours
[43] Batla et al., 2015 Case series CCD/cerebellar atrophy or lesions
[48] Bana et al., 2015 Case report OMD/haemorrhage of the vermian and left paramedian regions of the cerebellum
  1. The various studies are listed in chronological order. Cervical dystonia (CD); cranio-cervical dystonia (CCD); blepharospasm (BPS); oromandibular dystonia (OMD)