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Table 3 Representative autoantibodies to cerebellar antigens in paraneoplastic cerebellar degenerations

From: Immune-mediated cerebellar ataxias: from bench to bedside

Autoantibodies Frequency in PCDs Localization of antigens
Anti-Yo 53%, breast, uterus, ovaries Mainly Purkinje cells and few other neurons in the molecular layer
Anti-Hu 15%, SCLC All neuronal nuclei and cytoplasm
Anti-Tr 5%, Hodgkin’s disease Purkinje cells cytoplasm and dendrites,
Anti-CV2 4%, SCLC, thymoma Oligodendrocytes
Anti-Ri 2%, Breast All neuronal nuclei
Anti-Ma2 2%, Testes, Lung Nucleoli
Anti-VGCC(P/Q type) 2%, SCLC Purkinje cells, cytoplasm, dendrites and dot-staining of the molecular layer
  1. Frequency among PCDs was evaluated based on our consensus paper [2]
  2. Localization was based on a review by Jarius and Wildemann [7,8,9]
  3. Modified from Mitoma et al. (2016) [2]
  4. Abbreviations: SCLC small cell lung carcinoma