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Table 3 Being a Leader - Why Do It?

From: Sprinting into the field of neuro-ophthalmology from the streets of Brooklyn

For the chance to build something bigger and better
To help junior faculty succeed in their careers
To build highly-functioning and integrated teams to serve a multidisciplinary function
To figure out the future direction of the field and to be a part of those changes
To improve training for the medical students and residents – neurologists of the future!
Being a chair has taught me how fragile things can be, and how one individual can either make or break a team
Don’t hesitate to properly engage those individuals that drag the team down!
Everything is a compromise and it may take multiple attempts to get what you need
Some things are worth fighting for – for those less important, you just have to let go
It is about everyone else and much less about you – don’t do it if is about you – you will fail