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Figure 2 | Cerebellum & Ataxias

Figure 2

From: Myoclonus ataxia and refractory coeliac disease

Figure 2

Epilepsia partialis continua (case 1). (A) Polygraphic EEG and EMG recordings. There is continuous ≈ 5 Hz synchronous rostral and caudal activation of brainstem innervated muscles. There is a fast rostrocaudal recruitment order, spreading from the upper pons into the bulbar region. The duration of the EMG discharges is below 50 ms. There are no EEG abnormalities in the central electrodes in the raw EEG recordings. (B) JLBA from the right OOr (2,100 sweeps) reveals rhythmical cortical correlates in the contralateral central region. They have a positive–negative morphology – the positive peak preceding the onset of EMG activity by ≈ 15 ms. Mass = Masseter, OOc = orbicularis oculi, OOr = orbicularis oris, SCM = sternocleidomastoid.

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