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Figure 1

From: Histaminergic afferent system in the cerebellum: structure and function

Figure 1

Hypothalamic histaminergic afferents in the cerebellum. Cerebellar histaminergic afferent fibers originate from the tuberomammillary nucleus in the hypothalamus and project to both of the cerebellar cortex and nuclei. They parallelly modulate the Purkinje cells, granule cells and nuclear neurons via H2 and/or H1 receptors and sequentially influence the outputs of the cerebellum. CF, climbing fiber; CN, cerebellar nuclei; GC, granule cell; H1, histamine H1 receptor; H2, histamine H2 receptor; MF, mossy fiber; PC, Purkinje cell; PF, parallel fiber; TMN, tuberomammillary nucleus.

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