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Figure 4 | Cerebellum & Ataxias

Figure 4

From: Activation of cerebellar lobules VI-VII during motor imagery but not during motor activation in unilateral cerebellar hypoplasia

Figure 4

Statistical parametric maps of the main neural activity of the patient while performing thumb-to-fingers opposition with the left hand (A) and with the right hand (B), and during mental imagery of the same left (C) and right (D) movements. A1-B1-C1-D1. Axial slices. A2-B2-C2-D2. Coronal slices. A3-B3-C3-D3. No significant cerebellar activation is detected during left movements. Sagittal slices. Abbreviations: ACC anterior cingulate cortex; M1/S1 sensorimotor cortex ; PMC premotor cortex; (pre-) SMA (pre-) supplementray motor cortex; SPL superior parietal lobule. Roman numbers indicate the cerebellar lobules. R right side.

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