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Fig. 1 | Cerebellum & Ataxias

Fig. 1

From: Research note: a resting-state, cerebello-amygdaloid intrinsically connected network

Fig. 1

Multisubject (N = 15) thresholded spatial map (p > 0.5) of the first component computed by ICA analysis and showing the cerebello-amygdaloid intrinsically connected network. A1-A3. axial slices passing through the cerebellum (DN, dentate nuclei; HVI-HVIII, hemispheres of lobules VI and VIII). B. Axial (B1) and coronal (B2) slices passing through the encephalon and the amydaloid complex (AC). C. axial slice passing through the substantia nigra (SN). D. axial slice passing through the insula (INS) and parietal opercule (PO). The The bar from blue to yellow represents the z-value

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