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Table 2 Timing of cerebellar afferent fiber arrival in different species during embryonic and postnatal stages

From: Embryonic stages in cerebellar afferent development

Afferent fiber Embryonic postnatal
Days 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 0/2 adult
Spinocerebellar a          
Trigeminocerebellar a            
Vestibulocerebellar a           
Reticulocerebellar a           
Pontocerebellar a            
Olivocerebellar a            
Serotonergic cerebellar a          
Noradrenergic cerebellar a            
Cholinergic cerebellar a            
Dopaminergic cerebellar a            
Histaminergic cerebellar a            
  1. a, afferent fiber